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If you’re ever confused about what season it is… listen to your body, it’ll tell you…

For the last few weeks I’ve spent the first part of every day itchy, snotty and sneezy. Yep, down here in the Southern hemisphere, hay fever season has arrived (yipeee!).

And from what I hear, you northern hemisphere dwellers aren’t getting off much easier with seasonal colds starting to hit town.

The Ayurvedic cause for all of this is Kapha. Kapha is a combo of the earth and water elements. It’s cold, wet, sticky, heavy, dull and it makes you feel the same way.

 For you kapha most likely looks or feels like…

Lethargy, lack of motivation, sinus issues, congestion, cold & flu, allergies, water retention/bloating, feeling cold.

Best way to deal with kapha is to lighten up and get warm. And there are OH so many ways you can do that! So here are a few of my favorite “Kapha busters” especially for hay fever, cold and flu.

  • Neti – If you don’t already use a neti pot, it’s a GREAT preventative measure (especially if you’re prone to hay fever). If you’re in the throws of a visit from the hay fever fairy, you can add a few drops of sesame oil and a pinch of calamus or ginger powder to your neti water for a little stronger effect.

If you’re just not down with the water up the nose, try…

  • Nasya – Try a few drops of sesame oil in the nose (or you can put it on your pinky finger or a Q-tip and swipe it round in there – just be gentle). You can also add a little ginger powder to the oil to take the action up a notch.
  • Food – Eat light, warm and simple foods with warming herbs and spices, and go easy on the portion sizes (keep em small to moderate ).
  • Drink – Make yourself a cup of warm (not hot) water with ginger (fresh or dried), lemon and a little local honey. Or a nice cup of “tea” by boiling cinnamon sticks, ginger (fresh or dried), a few pepper corns and a squeeze of lemon. Add a little honey (yep, keep it local if you can) once the tea has cooled to just above room temp.

So if you’re suffering now or know that you will be come winter and spring where you are, these are some of the finest snot and congestion busters around.

Best thing is you can try all or just one or two of these (I love Ayurveda). Just pay attention to how it makes you feel so that you know what works best for YOU (I call this owning your health!).

Oh, and please take a second to send me your questions about hay fever, colds and flus or Ayurveda in general (you can email me or hit the comments below!). In the new year I’m planning a regular Q&A feature to deepen your knowledge of Ayurveda and give you a forum for having your health and happiness conundrums solved. So fire away (the crazier the better!).

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