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There was a time…oh let’s say a few years ago(even though it was more) when all of a sudden, if felt my joints. Before that I barely knew they were there.

That experience gave way to an awareness of other sticking points in my life…

A ridiculous number of unfinished projects;

Lost words… phrases…keys;

Distinct uneasiness around (okay total disdain for) cold/dry climates;

Dips in confidence and a tendency toward distraction.

I know what you’re thinking…

No, it wasn’t my age…entirely.

It was the physical, mental, emotional “gears” of my life….drying out. You know like the tin man in the wizard of Oz. I was running low on….lubrication.

Let’s face it, as we get older, we dry out. Our skin and muscles, hair, humor and outlook, lose some of their luster and freshness. The mental, physical and emotional suppleness will start to harden…if you let it.  But, just in case you were wondering, this charming experience isn’t reserved for those of us over thirty five.

Ayurveda places huge importance on oiling yourself; mind, body and spirit, at any age!  Maintaining connection with those things and experiences that keep life “juicy”. It’s one of the keys to enduring vitality and yes…happiness!

And it couldn’t be easier…hello?

So start with the body…

Especially during the autumn and winter seasons(known in Ayurveda as vata seasons, the time of year when things like dryness, anxiety, fear, constipation, and insomnia tend to peak for most people).

  • Oil your feet(bedtime or in the morning) and head(just before a shower); or
  • Give your whole body a light oiling (either in the shower or just before).
  • Oil your joints and try swishing a few tablespoons of oil around in your mouth in the morning(make sure to spit it out!).

Sesame oil(the untoasted kind) is best, but using scented oils(except for the gargling) can enhance the experience.

And then consider what you can do to juice up the rest of your life. Where can you introduce a little heat or passion. What can you do to “grease” those areas of life where things are sticking for you(routine often helps, and so does introducing a sense of calm – try a little meditation!).

More than anything…. keep at it and don’t forget what it feels like when the gears start to lock up. And take care of yourself at least as well as you would take care of you car. You know….keep the lubricants topped up and fresh!

So, my question for your today, my lovelies…..

How do you “grease the wheels” of your life?  Let us know in the comments!!

Ooooh do tell….!


  1. Anna Hopp on August 6, 2019 at 10:31 am

    I love oiling, essential oils are in all my products from head to toe! Great read!

    • blissbody on August 28, 2019 at 10:26 am

      Oil has been a LIVESAVER for me Anna! It’s one of the biggest gifts that Ayurveda has given me!! SO glad you love it too!

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