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Tools for creating your best life...

Life can get busy, but that doesn't mean we should stop learning (in fact that's often when we need it most).  Becoming our best selves is a process that includes education and action.  I've created offerings that can support you in both, at a pace that fits your life and your schedule, each made with love, and delivered LIVE with gratitude and joy!


Online Courses

The most powerful way to experience the benefits of ayurveda is to create your own relationship with it. Living ayurveda while learning it is the empowering principle at the heart of my intensive online learning experiences.

These online courses are an extended opportunity to dive a little deeper into the pool of your inner knowing and find a way to genuinely live like you love yourself!

What is Ayurveda for YOU?

Conversations to kickstart your wellness

This FREE 5-lesson audio course is an exploration of the fundamentals of Ayurveda in simple language, detailing the easiest and most powerful ways to apply it in your life for health, happiness, balance and bliss!

It includes five short lessons covering the following topics...

  • SELF AWARENESS - Discovering your true nature - What is a dosha? Why do I need to know it?  How does all of this stuff help me be healthier?
  • SELF CARE - The most important things to know about taking care of yourself, and the biggest reason we fall off the wellness wagon (and how to change that!).
  • SELF NOURISHMENT - Why digestion is KING?  What are really eating and how is it impacting your wellness?  What’s your mind, body and soul food?
  • SELF EXPRESSION - Why authenticity is vital to wellness. Pitfalls to being your authentic self.  The realest way to be REAL.
  • SELF RENEWAL - The secret to avoiding burnout.  The most important wellness practice that you’re not doing.
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Getting Started with Ayurveda

Your 3-week jumpstart to authentic wellbeing

So… you’ve discovered Ayurveda!

And everything about it just makes sense…
The practical, individualized advice, the empowering message…

And now you’re inspired to own who you are and discover how to eat, move, and live like you love yourself.

You’re ready to find your natural rhythm and jump on your unique path to wellness...

but YOU don’t know where to start...   THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.

"The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance..."

LIVE classes & events

Connection is why we're here....The world can feel like a pretty isolating place. Especially when we receive most of our information and inspiration while sitting in front of screens. Stepping outside the box (and the house), is how we begin to experience the love, belonging and connection that are the universal sources of true wellbeing.

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June 20 - 23rd 2019

Ayurvedic Winter Wellness Weekend Retreat

Brighten up your mind, body and mood this winter with a transformational weekend of self care.
Dedicate yourself to creating ease and flow in your life with the powerful ancient practices of Ayurveda.

More LIVE events & classes planned for 2019!

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Thank you for bringing this opportunity into my life so that I could choose myself. I am forever grateful for your energy and love!


I'll be forever grateful to Chara for her role introducing Ayurveda into my life and my Yoga practice. The clouds of fatigue and indecisiveness lifted and I felt renewed clarity and energy immediately - and I've used this wisdom daily ever since to guide my awareness and my choices.


Cleansing will educate and empower you. Chara's cleanse is the perfect first step.


I truly believe the cleanse has helped to wash away some of the things that keep me from seeing the true me. I have been making choices that I probably wouldn't have made before doing the cleanse. This feels great. It's time for me to live my life, no regrets.


Thank you Chara! You've helped me find some balance in my life and helped me see that healthy changes are possible.