Private Classes & Workshops...

Connection is why we're here...

The world can feel like a pretty isolating place. Especially when we receive most of our information and inspiration while sitting in front of screens. Stepping outside the box (and the house), is how we begin to experience the love, belong and connection that are the universal sources of true wellbeing.

Connecting LIVE with you is my soul food!

I’ve presented on stages and in classrooms, sharing the beauty, joy and deliciousness of Ayurveda with people of all ages and levels of experience.

I’d love to work with you to create a presentation, workshop or class to inform and inspire your audience.  

From yoga teachers to experienced cooks, Ayurveda has something to offer every shape of wellness seeker.  Let’s chat to dive a little deeper into how it can support your group

Cleansing Collage
Themes I like to explore with groups…
  • Seasonal living
  • The power of self knowledge and self inquiry
  • How to break through what holds you back
  • Women’s wellness - ageing powerfully
  • Yoga + Ayurveda
Past workshops include...


  • Living Bliss - An Introduction to Ayurveda the Ancient Science of Living Well
  • Mastering Seasonal Wellness
  • Ayurveda for overwhelm

Ayurvedic cooking & nutrition:

  • How to eat like you love yourself
  • Ayurvedic Kitchen Pharmacy - Simple home remedies for common issues
  • Ayurvedic cooking fundamentals
  • Cooking with spices for balance and bliss

Yoga + Ayurveda:

  • Breathing for Balance...The silent power behind a centered you
  • How to practice yoga like you give a damn...
I also offer a special intensive program for Yoga Teachers and practitioners:

The Elements of yoga: Ayurveda in Practice

elmental Yoga 3

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Ayurveda for better understanding and a deeper connection to yourself and your yoga.  The Elements of Yoga is an invitation to practice for yourself and your students. You’ll build your skills as a teacher with direct experience and practical knowledge and tools for incorporating Ayurveda into your private and group classes, your own workshops and your life!

 The Curriculum consists of two modules: Elements of Living & Elements of Practice

Thank you for bringing this opportunity into my life so that I could choose myself. I am forever grateful for your energy and love!


I'll be forever grateful to Chara for her role introducing Ayurveda into my life and my Yoga practice. The clouds of fatigue and indecisiveness lifted and I felt renewed clarity and energy immediately - and I've used this wisdom daily ever since to guide my awareness and my choices.


Cleansing will educate and empower you. Chara's cleanse is the perfect first step.


I truly believe the cleanse has helped to wash away some of the things that keep me from seeing the true me. I have been making choices that I probably wouldn't have made before doing the cleanse. This feels great. It's time for me to live my life, no regrets.


Thank you Chara! You've helped me find some balance in my life and helped me see that healthy changes are possible.