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If you know anything about fall, you’ll know that soups and stews are the go!  I’m a fan of soup all year round, but if you’re not, and you’re  looking for a perfect and easy fall meal, it’s time to break out the soup recipes!

This beauty from one of my favorite food blogs  Oh My Veggies is perfect for jumping on the cold, dryness of the autumn season (in other words it’s vatalicious!).  On their list of fall recipes it’s Leek and Wild Mushroom Stew.

So whattaya got….

You’ve got leeks which are pungent and sweet in taste(no surprise there).  They’ve got hot, light and wet qualities which means they’re not bad for kapha either (springtimers take notice!).

You also have mushrooms  whose taste is considered sweet with cold, heavy and wet qualities that will keep you grounded and comfy through the airy fall.

And then there’s the gorgeous addition of buckwheat groats!  It’s a grain that not many of us are eating in any other form than flour.  So you probably aren’t aware that it’s sweet(as are most grains) and bitter in taste with cold light and dry qualities (but not to the degree that it would mess with your vata too much, especially not in this  warm and wet form).

So there you have it!  A lovely soup with some gorgeous grounding and warming qualities that make it a perfect mind body “medicine” for fall (or cool, dry temperatures).

Enjoy and BeWell

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