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Ayurvedic Resources for Autumn...

Fall is my favorite season. In fact, I sometimes wish it would last all year long (and not just for the pumpkin spiced lattes). To me it’s the perfect combination of hot (pitta) and cold (vata), my two dominant energies. And of course it makes sense that it’s governed by vata, since it’s very much a transitional season. It’s a time when the energy of movement and change swirls through the air like the cool wind, drying, distracting, stimulating, and exhausting every part of you.


Qualities of Autumn:

Cold, dry, light, moving, rough, clear

Autumn mantra for balance:

Warming, grounding, moisturizing, routine

What to watch out for:

Anxiety, fear, constipation, low back pain, dry skin, headaches,

procrastination, popping joints, fatigue, impatience, impulsive

spending, dizziness, feeling disconnected or untethered

Autumn Self-Care Cheat Sheet

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Autumn Shopping list

Quick guide to eating in autumn