Have we met...?


Who am I?

Maybe I’m the one you’ve been waiting for…

If so here’s a few things you might want to know…

  • I’m committed to feeling energized, centered, courageous and graceful… everyday!
  • I haven’t always been great at taking care of myself, or following my intuition or making powerful choices.
  • I’ve seen lives completely transformed by ridiculously small changes in thinking and routine!
  • I’ve been a consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies… and have studied under some of the greatest ayurveda and yoga teachers in the world, and still have days when I question my worth.
  • I’ve been married for more than 23 years and am the mother of 15 year old twins (yep, chaos is a part of my everyday experience).
  • I can easily remember a time when I didn’t feel like I had the energy or ability to shine, then I found Ayurveda… and things changed…

I’ve done my best to pay attention over the years and…

I’ve managed to learn few things along the way!

Here's what I've learned...

  • You’re never as strong as you think you are….you’re stronger.
  • I should have started yoga in my teens
  • Deep down we always know the truth, the journey is in learning to believe it.
  • Real change is like a roller coaster….it happens fast and slow.
  • Ayurveda opens your mind body and soul in ways you would never believe possible.
  • Every part of us responds (quietly or loudly) to everything we come into contact with.
  • Being able to fully express yourself is better than ANY recreational drug.

Oh, and Here’s what I believe….

  • Unimaginable happiness is right in front of you ready to be claimed.
  • The secret to your bliss can only be found in the back of your mind and at the bottom of your heart (the places you don’t always like the go)… and not necessarily in size 4 jeans (although you’re more than welcome to try…I won’t judge).
  • Life is infinitely more simple than we’d like to believe and real power is found when we give up thinking that we’re doing it wrong (or that it’s doing us wrong).
  • Yoga and ayurveda are two sides of the same coin.  If you’re practicing one without the other, you’re only getting half the benefits… and half the fun!
  • I’m healthier than a lot of the people I know because of the way I think about (and relate to) myself and the world around me (not because of what I eat or how much I exercise).
  • Self awareness and confidence are the only “diets” you need.

I’m not like the rest…or so they tell me. I’m more than a coach….I’m a wake up call… because everything you need to shine in this life is there…in you…waiting to be unlocked. I’m just here to help you find your keys…

The Back Story…

  • I was born and raised in Southern California,
  • I took my first yoga class in 1993… in Melbourne Australia
  • I’ve travelled all over the world and have lived on five continents
  • I was an engineer in another life… oh wait, that was this life!
  • I almost cried my first day working in an Ayurvedic clinic in India (happy tears)
  • I’m a registered yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance E RYT-500)
  • I’m also a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT)
  • Oh and I’m also a registered ayurvedic practitioner (AAPNA) and professional member of National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)

But what I bring to this post (more than my education and credentials) is curiosity, compassion, dedication to serving, and my experience of life as a seeker of truth, a mother, a wife, a teacher and student, someone who has lived a little and come closer to understanding that we have the power to create anything we want in life…including ourselves!


So, who are YOU?

Why do you struggle in areas where others don't?

What are your secret “super powers”?

And how can you use your powers for good?

What does your bliss look and feel like? What fires you up? What stops you cold?

If you're ready to finally get some answers... Get in touch... because I know where to look!


Thank you for bringing this opportunity into my life so that I could choose myself. I am forever grateful for your energy and love!


I'll be forever grateful to Chara for her role introducing Ayurveda into my life and my Yoga practice. The clouds of fatigue and indecisiveness lifted and I felt renewed clarity and energy immediately - and I've used this wisdom daily ever since to guide my awareness and my choices.


Cleansing will educate and empower you. Chara's cleanse is the perfect first step.


I truly believe the cleanse has helped to wash away some of the things that keep me from seeing the true me. I have been making choices that I probably wouldn't have made before doing the cleanse. This feels great. It's time for me to live my life, no regrets.


Thank you Chara! You've helped me find some balance in my life and helped me see that healthy changes are possible.