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Ya know what?  

Research has finally proven the benefits of gratitude. 

Even though it’s something we’ve known (or felt) all along, the fact that it’s “official” has brought it to the front of our minds, and that can only be a good thing.  

Because forgetting to be grateful is… actually pretty easy.

That’s why gratitude is a practice.  And just like anything it can fall to the wayside in the midst of the crazy-busyness of daily life.

Ayurveda has inspired me to keep it simple.  No complicated checklists, schedules, journals or set of instructions. 

Stay true to who I am.  And create a practice that looks and feels like me (open-hearted, genuine and a little quirky).

So here it is.  My simple gratitude practice…

  • Notice the world around you with a grateful heart
  • Share the love you find
  • Don’t stop

Hey did you catch that sharing it with you is a part of the practice? (I love that!).

How do YOU practice gratitude?  How does your practice reflect who you are?

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