Already dreading winter?

It's time to go inside...

The lack of motivation, the lack of daylight, feeling slow, tired, foggy and unmotivated.

Winter can feel like a “dead time”...

The lack of motivation, the lack of daylight, feeling slow, heavy, tired, and foggy.

It's the time when our dedication to ourselves often slips and our wellness routines suffer.

In the natural world winter is a time for drawing inward, and doing the REAL work of transformation.

Yoga is one of the BEST tools there is for feeling balanced, blissful, resilient and energized all winter.  

What is winter yoga?

Winter yoga takes its cues from nature. It’s slower, stronger and focused on developing our mental and physical relationship with ourselves. It provides an opportunity to get quiet and expand our skills for listening.   It’s a time to explore your potential and create the clarity, strength and resilience that will serve your mind and body come spring!

Join me for 9 weeks of yoga classes designed to:

  • Develop mind/body awareness
  • Build immunity and strength
  • Expand flexibility and focus
  • Clear your mind and body
  • Make you feel happy all winter long.


Class days and times:

  • Tues & Friday mornings - 6-6:45am [May 7th - July 4th]
  • Wednesdays - 5:45 - 6:45pm [From June 5th - July 3rd]

Location: Ballina Scout Hall - Canal Rd, Ballina NSW 2478

Make the most of the quiet season... Book your spot Today!

18-class Pass


  • Can be used to attend ANY Class (including Wed. evening)

10-Class Pass


  • Can be used to attend Morning Classes ONLY