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Bliss is something we all pretty much feel entitled to, am I right?

But have you ever really given much thought to yours?  I mean what does bliss actually mean to you? What does it look, feel, taste and smell like?

Okay so now the easy question…

How can you create bliss? …Yep, like right now? … No it’s not a trick question…

Truth is for most of us…

bliss isn’t really a “right now” thing, it’s a “one of these days I’m gonna…” thing.

Isn’t it?

And if that’s true for you, the question to ask is WHY?

Cause I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

Bliss is available to you all day every day you just need to know where to find it.

 But first a message from our sponsor…

Let me tell you something… bliss, like every other human experience (joy, hunger, grief, and so on) has been defined for you since before you were born… A huge toy, an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top, a shiny new sports car, a tropical vacation.  Retailers have been selling you bliss since before you knew what it was!

And although some or all of these things may be or have been part of your picture of bliss, I’m here to tell you that bliss, as defined by anyone or anything outside of your body, is only a shadow of what bliss really could be for you. In other words…

You are the only one who can define…and create your  health, happiness, joy, wellbeing…bliss! (no matter what you’ve been led to believe).

So if you’re truly ready to step into your bliss, you’re gonna have to open up and go deep (or at least a little deeper), and take these steps….

Reframe the picture

guess what? Anything that makes you smile?….bliss! (yes, even those pictures of kittens that I hate to love).

Let go of thinking that bliss, for all the emphasis we put on it being the “end all be all”, has to be HUGE or comes with a catchy advertising jingle (although come to think of it certain jingles hit me in just the right spot!). You might even be experiencing bliss right now! Let it happen.

Tune in to the physical

Our bodies were designed to be bliss machines…as if you didn’t know. Think of all those lovely smells, tastes, textures, and sensations that our bodies were built to experience…(apple pie, velvet, a nice long stretch, a cushy arm chair). The bliss potential is ALL AROUND YOU, YO!   Embrace that!  Pay attention(yep it’s that simple)

Don’t dis it cause it’s “weird”

 Just because it doesn’t fit the standard picture of “bliss” doesn’t mean that it ain’t bliss. We’re all unique, which by definition means that each of us will experience bliss in completely different ways (even if it’s triggered by the same joke, food, touch, etc.). Delight in your own definition and the fact that it’s yours alone… and don’t judge (yourself or anyone else!).

Make up your mind

Here’s where it gets real…remember that purpose of bliss is to nourish your mind, body and soul. And as easy as bliss can be to find (when you’re paying attention), a HUGE part of the feel good factor is knowing that your experience of bliss is an expression of who you are and what’s important to you.

So before hitting the road to blissville check in with yourself (take all the time you need). Connect with what you believe in. What’s most important to you in life. What are you committed to (in this moment and beyond). Let your bliss reflect who you really are.

And the last and most important thing…

Share the goodness

Social media may be relatively new but it supports an idea that people have known for centuries… Bliss is about authentically connecting with yourself and the world around you. This simple and powerful idea is the essence of Ayurveda!

Put simply… Real bliss is YOU being YOU and sharing YOU with the world. So own YOUR bliss.  Know that you are responsible for what it tastes, looks, smells, feels and sounds like (even if that’s just being aware of it!).  Go out(or in) and create it.  Step into it and be it and then…

Tell us about it!

I for one would LOVE to know what bliss means to you(“weird”or not!). Go ahead… share it in the comments below, post photos if you can’t describe it.  Know that sharing it is all a part of growing (and spreading it!).

BeWell <3

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