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Well it looks like we finally made it! This series started last year with food and sleep and now we’re getting to the one you’ve most likely been waiting for… sex.

The good news is, I’ll be writing more about issues of sex in the future. The even better news is that this time I get to share with you an interview that I did with a sex expert touching on a few critical issues regarding how we can create and maintain healthy sexual relationships with ourselves and those we love.

But first, a little ayurvedic insight on “the act”.

The ayurvedic view of sex is that it is a vital part of what makes and keeps us vital. Besides being responsible for our conception, sex is a natural expression of the essence of who we are. And when you consider that in having sex we are at our most vulnerable and connected, healthy expressions of our sexual energy are in many ways a conduit to the soul.

Only thing is, the act of sex is one that can deplete our vital essence (ojas). So it’s important to get as much as you need and to ensure that you also take care of yourself in the process.

This subject is one that interests me immensely as sex is an issue that is part of everyone’s lives but is so rarely spoken about in ways that are healthy and open. As a wife and mom and oh, yeah, woman, who sometimes feels overwhelmed by the busy-ness of life, it’s easy to disconnect from our sexual selves and lose ourselves in the roles of caretaker. But it is vitally important that we stay connected to our sensual nature and that we understand and explore our own sexuality in order to improve our relationships with ourselves and our world.

Ayurveda list sex as one of the natural urges that should not be resisted (the list also includes things like the urge to urinate, or sneeze). It’s an acknowledgement of fact that sex is as natural and critical an act for us as any, albeit more complicated. My conversation with Bridget Ferguson dives into some of the complications that we experience every day with sex and some of the keys to overcoming them in order to better know and love ourselves… and others!

Here’s a little bit about Bridget..

Bridget Ferguson is an embodied intimacy and sexuality coach, healer, writer, speaker and mentor with a focus on transformation, empowerment and self-love. She helps people with their relationships, sexuality and life direction. Her approach to sexuality and healing is informed by her practice and experience in health and wellness modalities including energetic healing, reiki, and tantra. Through these experiences she has come to realize that self love is the key to everything! Her coaching techniques focus on embodied learning for lasting change.  You can find her at www.bridgetferguson.com.

In this short discussion Bridget and I discuss issues including…

  • The value of sex to us as individuals and couples
  • Why sex can be such a difficult thing to talk about… and do
  • The keys to a healthy sexual relationship with ourselves… and others!

Bridget Mentioned a book in the interview, the title is:  Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston

This is definitely not the end of what Ayurveda and I have to say about sex! I’ve moved the conversation over to DoYouYoga.com and will be diving into this subject once again in an upcoming article on this very same issue, where we’ll take a deeper dive into the juicy details of the when, where, how and who of sex and Ayurveda.

So… this is your chance… What do you want to know about sex the Ayurvedic way? Leave your questions in the comments below (or send me a private email). And I’ll make sure your questions are answered in the article or right back here on the blog! (no names of course).

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