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Earlier today I was reminded of why I’m doing this…

Ya know how sometimes in the middle of everything… preparing for a dinner party or vacation, dealing with work or relationship challenges, you sometimes just totally forget your WHY?

Why did I choose this? What stroke of insight, inspiration, connection made this such a great idea in the first place?

Every endeavour we undertake begins with some orgasmic stroke of inspiration (maybe not always orgasmic, but you know what I mean). Some feeling that YES this is the right thing to do, at the right time. That goes for everything from a diet, or exercise plan, to a friendship, relationship or walk on the beach. Underneath every choice we make, everything we do and everything we are there is a WHY… even if we don’t always know what it is.

Today I was reminded of why I’ve chosen this path and why Ayurveda is such a big part of it. It was something that I’d forgotten in the midst of managing a household, being a mom, wife and friend, sharing my “knowledge” and trying to get it right (something we all do). And the beauty of it is that it basically comes down to a single word (I LOVE it when that happens)… juiciness.

Yep, that’s it. Juiciness. It’s a word that (for me at least) has a TON of meaning. Abundance, energy, radiance, connection, flow, inspiration, passion, flexibility, confidence, glow…bliss. It’s what I’m endeavouring to be, communicate and embrace (some days it’s easier than others!). It’s what I know others are looking for too, AND, it’s what Ayurveda is really all about (another one of my “Ah has” today, because I’d almost forgotten this too!).

The Juice at the center of it all…

A HUGELY important part of Ayurveda, something I haven’t really jumped into on the blog or anywhere else… just yet… is rejuvenation. In fact one of the original “ 8 limbs” of Ayurveda (yep there were originally eight functional branches of Ayurveda that included things like surgery and psychiatry) was dedicated entirely to the art and science of rejuvenation. And I don’t mean a magic herb, exotic fruit or yoga pose… exactly.

The sanskrit word for rejuvenation “rasayana” is from the root word “rasa” which means… “essence” or “juice”. Ayurveda is about cultivating your “juice”, that essence of joy, grace and natural authenticity that flows through everything you are and do, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In many ways it’s about discovering and embodying the “All Natural”, unconditioned you. And it doesn’t matter how old or young you are, embracing, expressing and preserving your juiciness, mind, body, and soul, IS the very heart of blissful living.

Why Ayurveda?

And what makes this ancient stuff so special…? Many of us have tried every diet, exercise, self-help and wellness solution going. We’ve been inspired by people who seem to have their “shit together” only to be disappointed (and sometimes discouraged) when their “humanity” shows up. We’ve looked for and experienced lightening fast results, and “real transformation”, only to eventually revert back to our old ways of being, looking and feeling. So how is Ayurveda any different…?

It starts with the why.

Not the how, or the what or even the when (even though it’s got plenty to say about all of those too!). Ayurveda recognizes that the power to be the most happy, healthy, radiant, inspired, connected, and energized expression of YOU is all about the why!


Open yourself to why…

And so today… come back to YOUR why.

What does a juicy life look like for you? How can you describe in just a few simple words how you want to look, feel, and connect?

Ayurveda is here to serve you (and so am I) and naming your WHY is a necessary beginning. It’s also an inspiring and amazingly powerful adventure in self-awareness.

Oh and do me a favor if you would… please share your words and thoughts in the comments (or email me directly!). I’ve got SO much to share with you, and I’m committed to using your WHY (and mine) as the foundation for all the information, tools and goodies that I create, post and send moving forward in order to make life a little (or a lot) juicier for us all!

Next week… How to put your WHY at the center of everything you do!

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