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Having recently returned from an amazing trip to Japan, I find myself reflecting on everything I picked up and learned about myself and Japan.  One thing I’m sure of is I love travel! It’s in my blood and I’ve come to realize that it’s a big part of who I am. I’ve also come to realize that the reason I do it is not about checking out the sites (although that can be fun), or trying out the food (that one comes a pretty close second), it’s about connection…

We live in a big amazing world and each of us, on a daily basis does our best to feel into what we’re creating and what we’re here for. For me (and I know I’m not alone), one of the best ways of expanding into life is to constantly challenge the ways that my mind wants to hold me back (okay, let’s just go ahead and call it what it is… my fears).

Some years ago I saw a film (maybe you’ve seen it to), that captured in such a beautiful and novel way, how life (even an outwardly exciting life) can be mundane and absurd unless we take the bold step (often outside of our comfort zones) to connect!

The images in the film stuck with me, but more than that the message (or at least my understanding of it) has been a part of who I am since I saw it.

And so of course now I want to share it with you! The “Lost in Translation” formula for exceptional living…

There are just a few simple rules… and you don’t have to be a movie star or world traveller to follow them (in fact it’s probably even more exciting if you’re not!).

lostintranslation-karaokeTry something new

Every. Single. Day. Even if it’s just a new way of thinking or looking at something. Don’t make a big deal out of it… make a habit out of it. It’ll change you in ways you can’t even imagine.


Open yourself to connection without any notions about what it looks like

I think it’s our ideas about what life should be that keep us from living it (we’re scared that we can’t really live up to our dreams so why try). That person on the subway next to you..? Smile, in fact laugh, share some hidden part of yourself with the people around you and watch your world open up. Do this without any expectation of what it will bring you (that’s the key!).

lost-in-translation-surpriseLet yourself be surprised

Trouble with life is that we often just feel like we really have seen everything (don’t we?). Politicians with their pants down, Global warming, newer and newer technologies created to make our lives just THAT. MUCH. EASIER. We’ve become a bit dulled to the beauty of the sun rising or falling in the sky, the magnificence of being in a machine moving at crazy speeds mere feet away from other machines, a smile or hell, just the feeling of being alive. Come at your world with a bit of wonder and let that wonder transform tedium into delight!

Don’t be afraid to feel what you’re feeling

How many times have you held back tears? (Yeah me too), or wondered why you weren’t overjoyed, confident or excited? How many times have you judged yourself for feeling happy, bored, jealous or aroused? (Yep, been there too!). Ayurveda has taught me that we are who we are, and that one simple lesson has been ridiculously empowering. A good part of what we do in life is trying to be someone else. Truth be told that’s only gonna end in more (held back) tears. All that we should ever strive to do is to be more of who we are. And the only way we can do this is by looking at ourselves without judgement. Let the feelings come. Let them wash over you, and let them pass. Experiencing the true beauty of who you are is a a process of allowing it to show up.

Welcome situations that are foreign and uncomfortableLost-In-Translation-hospital

Okay so this one’s a real challenge. I would also offer that it may be the ONLY thing that stands between where we are now and where we know we can be. I love and hate foreign situations. They shine a light right into my scary places. But they also provide an opportunity for me to shine, see myself in action, and learn. Regardless of whether it’s a conversation, a trip to a foreign land or anything in between, new (and yes uncomfortable) experiences are our ladder to greatness.

Slow down

We live in a fast paced wslowdownorld and the pace just seems to be speeding up!! How many times have you said these words…”Where did that day go?”, or “Where did that week go?” or “Is it Christmas already?”. Now clearly we can’t stop time, but we can slow down how we use it in order to milk every bit of goodness out of every moment. Today… do something that your usually do (cup of tea, washing dishes, taking a shower) … at half speed. Enjoy every single moment of the experience… and then do it again tomorrow.

Speed up

Oh and that time thing I mentioned…? Yes, we do only have a limited amount of it, so what’s the point in NOT being 100% you every minute of the day? What’s the point in holding back…, in NOT connecting. Ever wonder how much time you’d actually gain if you opened yourself up (yes fling that fear to the side) and cut through the bullshit that almost always slows us down. Ever wonder how alive it might feel to quicken your connection to yourself and the happiness that’s right next to you?


All this from a single movie…?herestoyou

Yes (and more). If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. If you have seen it (even if you haven’t) … I wanna know what your “Lost in Translation” formula is. Share in the comments!

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