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3 Ways To Use The Breath As Medicine

3 Ways to use the Breath as Medicine. The breath is the doorway to consciousness. Pranayama brings these two concepts together.

3 Ways to use the Breath as Medicine   Before you read any further do something for me real quick…turn your attention to your breath and then take a couple of deep inhales and exhales.   What happened while you were doing that? Anything…? Well, whatever happened is of course between you and your breath,…

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Season shifting and the Big “O”!

  Hey there! I’m guessing you might have already noticed that change is in the air! Yes we are right in the middle of the seasonal transition and depending on where you are in the world, whether you’re heading towards warmer or cooler weather, it’s important to know that now is a key time to…

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Pitta Yoga Sequence Download

What is Pitta Yoga…? Pitta yoga includes yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises that are focus on calming the intensity and heat of pitta in the body and mind. Reducing pitta is all about cooling, calming and releasing strain or tension. Poses that help to reduce pitta tend to be ones that create a sense…

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Will This Tricked Out Mat Be The Future of Yoga…?

The explosion of yoga-stuff has delivered yet another, perhaps slightly more interesting, yoga-gadget into our laps. Yes the SmartMat which kicks off it’s crowd funding campaign on September 30th  has started to make some buzz around yoga studios and online discussion groups the world over. And just like any self-respecting yogi and yoga-teacher, I’ve got questions……

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How to keep from losing it!

Some days I feel like I’m losing it! And while I’m not entirely sure what “it” actually is, there are days when I’m certain that “it” used to be far more clear, bright and easily accessible than “it” is now. What about you? Without putting too many words to it I guess what I really…

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