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Be somebody who makes everyone feel like a somebody.

  “Be somebody who makes everyone feel like a somebody.”   Have you ever noticed that we’re always looking for a secret to happiness and success, ?Like we don’t already know the secret.  Or, we do… But we don’t believe it.The older I get, the more attention I pay to the beautiful voice in my head.The…

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Monday Mantra – Stop hiding.

“Let yourself be seen.”   What a weekend !   What’d you get up to?   I gave and attended workshops this weekend and got the chance to connect deeply with some folks who were willing to do the same.   We were all strangers and we all shared a single desire…   The desire to…

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Monday Mantra – Come from love

“I believe in love… always”   Is it Monday again? I’m hoping this note finds you clear, happy and in some small or big way feeling the love.   The world feels like a big jumble at the moment. There are thoughts and feelings flying in every direction… pulling us in every direction. Daring us…

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