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Ayurvedic Resources for Spring...

Ayurveda calls spring the king of seasons, and we all know why. Spring is a fresh start, a chance for renewal, a long awaited parole from winter’s incarceration. It’s the official season for cleaning up your act and clearing away anything that’s standing between you and your best you (even though technically you can do that any time of year!). It’s also our signal to shed the layers of winter before they get too heavy and walk towards the light by balancing kapha dosha.


Qualities of spring:

Cold, damp, heavy, sluggish, slow, dull

Springtime mantra for balance:

Warming, drying, stimulating, expression

What to watch out for:

Weight gain, depression, congestion, lethargy, complacency,

attachment, diabetes, colds and flu, allergies.

Spring Self-Care Cheat Sheet

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Spring issues home remedies

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Spring Shopping list

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Quick guide to eating in spring

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