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Tired of making wellness goals that you never reach?


Do you xxx at the start of each New Year knowing that your list of resolutions is the same as it was last year… or maybe even the year before?  Have you tried everything under the sun to stick to a fitness, or healthy eating routine only to have it fall apart one stressful day at home or work?


The number one reason people give for not following through with healthy lifestyle changes… lack of willpower.  


But the REAL reason we fail to get and stay healthy is lack of support.


You’re 10% more likely to achieve a goal if you simply set one.

You’re 50% likely to get there if you have a plan.

That increases to  65% when you commit to someone that you’ll achieve the goal…


There’s an energy in starting something new that usually takes us through the first or second challenge to our willpower and self control.


But getting through the days, weeks, and months that it takes to build a strong foundation for looking, feeling and being your best requires a lot of motivation, regular inspiration and the ability to recommit to to your wellness every day.

Most of us can’t do this alone.  

A unique system of coaching and support to provide what you need when you need it.


Your Balanced YOU membership includes:


  • Initial Wellness Review:  A look at the current your state of play.  Initial Diet & Lifestyle assessment and Wellness Review
  • Wellness Roadmap:  Personalized set of diet and lifestyle recommendations based on your
  • Goal Setting Workshop: Review of your challenges, and strengths
  • Personal Weekly Check-in: Private 15 min check in call with you every week to to review goals, challenges and plans for the week ahead.
  • Monthly Masterclass:  Each month we will dive into a specific subject related to ayurveda, yoga or general wellness, in order to keep you motivated, informed and on track!


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