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Okay if you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t even started your holiday shopping yet.

But even if you finished your shopping well before the first sign of Christmas hit the stores back in… October, how solid are you feeling about what you’ve chosen?  And what’s the likelihood that your gifts are going to suit your friends and loved ones to a T?

I guess what I’m really asking is…

Did you find them something that speaks to their mind, body and soul? Or did you get them socks again this year? (although there are some for whom socks would be the ultimate… but I’m getting ahead of myself).

If you’re not quite sure about the soul-speaking ability of what you picked out this year, fear not, because I’ve put together a quick guide to get you thinking in a more ayurvedic direction.  It’s not exactly a guarantee that they’ll love your gifts, but it may just help you overcome one of the hardest parts of finding just the right gift… which almost always comes down to really knowing the person you’re buying for(even better than they know themselves).  And from an ayurvedic perspective that’s all about knowing their true nature.

The question at the center of it all…

Who are these people you’re buying (or making) for?

I mean who are they really?  Finding out starts with just a single question… What’s their dosha?  You can learn a lot about a person from their dosha.  And yes it may seem a far out way to pick a holiday gift, but I’m guessing it’ll give you insights that’ll have folks wondering if you’re the red suited man himself (or if you’ve been reading their diary).

So here it is, a little gift giving advice, broken down by the three doshas with some insights about what each is likely to want and what they’re most likely to need.

And remember, getting what we want isn’t always what’s gonna make us happy, and it most certainly isn’t always the solution to keeping us balanced.  So think outside the usual box, and dive straight to the soul of the people you love in order to really connect and support them!


Creative, free spirit, cold, dry, spontaneous


travel journal


Around the world plane tickets, to be taken to a performance or gallery, fun and unusual experiences, handmade art.


An oil massage or for something unusual why not try this throat chakra meditation oil, a spa gift certificate, chai tea, a hand made journal.



Charismatic, intense, focused, hot, sharp




Kite surfing, race car driving, or sky diving lessons (or some kind of extreme experience), a 2016 year planner, books by Tony Robbins or Tim Ferriss.


Tai chi lessons, meditation cds, a good massage, coconut anything (cookies, candy, or how bout this coconut milk bath soak!) a cruise, fish tank or something close to water.


Nurturing, loyal, calm, cool, stable

salsa     4-hrbody


A snuggie, cronuts, perfume, a hug, spa day, keepsakes (tchotkes)


Salsa dancing lessons, comedy club tickets, dinner out (thai, or indian – something light and spicy), house cleaning or space organization help, books by Tony Robbins or Tim Ferriss.

Oh and also remember… these are just some suggestions to get you thinking in the right direction (who knows maybe that’s a direction you’ve never gone in before). Every one of us is completely individual so using that as a basis for your choices is what’s really going to make the difference!

And if you’re friends and family aren’t sure of their dosha… just tell em to take the Bliss Quiz to find out!

Enjoy the shopping AND the holiday season!

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