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Hey there! I’m guessing you might have already noticed that change is in the air! Yes we are right in the middle of the seasonal transition and depending on where you are in the world, whether you’re heading towards warmer or cooler weather, it’s important to know that now is a key time to boost your immunity… or as we say in Ayurveda build your ojas!

So what IS Ojas?

Ojas is the “Big O” of Ayurveda. It’s our vital essence, our immunity, it’s the juice that keeps life… well.. juicy! And keeping your ojas topped up is the key to feeling strong, healthy and vital all year round and for years to come.

Just to give you a sense for what I’m talking about, here are some of the signs of low ojas:

  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Loss of Confidence
  • Lusterless skin
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Suseptibility to infections
  • Repeated colds or flu
  • Poor memory
  • Feeling/looking dull (skin, hair, eyes)
  • Undue fear, worry, anxiety

Why it matters and what to do…

Seasonal transitions are a time when our bodies and minds work overtime and sometimes struggle to make the shift between what’s coming and what’s going. In the melee our immune systems often take a hit and we end up sick.

We are currently on the tail end of the seasonal transition (what’s known as Ritusandhi). According to Ayurveda ritusandhi is our most vulnerable time of the year (it happens typically four times each year, at every seasonal junction, and lasts around 2-3 weeks). So it bears a little awareness and taking some simple proactive steps to ease your transition and lower the risk of having any adverse affects!

Soooo, not a moment too soon, here are a few simple things you can do NOW to power through the rest of this ritusandhi (and keep these in your backpocket for the next time it comes around!)

Get enough rest (mental and physical)
Become aware – Take notice of how your body-mind is coping with the transition. Give yourself a break if you feel a little off.
Meditate – Try 5 – 10 minutes of meditation each day during the transition and beyond.
Breathe – As often as possible bring your awareness to the breath. Also practicing  exercises will help to calm and soothe the mind and body!
Spend some time in nature – Time in nature is a way of refuelling our mental, physical and emotional batteries, do it when you’re feeling low and as much as possible when you’re not!
Eat ojas building foods & herbs– These would include foods that are fresh, unprocessed, and organic, but also some specific foods that are especially ojas building such as:
Raisins, almonds, ghee, raw honey, sesame oil, dates, figs, organic milk, saffron, pumpkin seeds, yams, mung beans and essential fatty acids as in flax seeds and walnuts. Ojas building herbs include: Ashwagandha, shatavari, ginseng, wild yam, aloe, and marshmallow root. And if you’ve never tried the Ayurvedic preparation known as Chavyanprash, now would be a great time to start taking it!
Yoga Practice – Yoga for immunity tends to focus on heart opening and gentle movement to stimulate the Thymus gland and activate the lymph system. Here’s a sequence I put together that supports immunity building. Enjoy!

Taking care of yourself year round really does start with a simple awareness of what’s happening around you and how it affects you.  So start there to create a powerful approach to the change of seasons that will leave you feeling strong, healthy and energized from season to season!

Ya know what…?  I’d love to know how you’re managing this seasonal transition and what, if anything, you’re doing that works for you (or not).

I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have about the change of seasons! So hit me up in the comments or drop me an email.


  1. Gina Housley on October 4, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Hi Chara,
    Can you recommend any books / articles on the basics of Ayurveda please ? I would like to learn more about it . I’ve recently bought a cookbook but it’s quite complicated reading .
    Thank you,

  2. Kim on October 5, 2014 at 10:16 am

    Thank you Gina for sharing your knowledge. I recognized that I was feeling a little off and realized it was related to the change of seasons. I didn’t know about the specific yoga poses to support me through it. I did begin taking Vitamin D to support lack of sunlight as I live in Canada and the winter can be long. I will reas more about the change of seasons in a book I have called Eat, Taste, Heal. Namaste, Kim

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