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There’s nothing subtle about spring.

It usually shows up just in the nick of time all colorful and new, ready to sweep us off our feet.

It’s the beginning of the shift from the heaviness of winter to the light, bright and intense summer.  And so eating in spring needs to both reflect this shift and help it along a little.

Hence this gorgeous recipe from the lovely folks over at The Year in Food, is basically spring on a plate.  It says everything that needs to be said in answer to the qualities of spring.  It’s light, hot, bitter and only slightly grounding ingredients, warming spices and kapha balancing method of preparation are just the thing to pull you out of the heaviness of winter in the happiest and healthiest way possible.  Enjoy!



Leafy greens – Choose your favorites.  All leafy greens are great for balancing kapha.  Earlier in the season why not go with more peppery choices like arugula, or beet greens, later in the spring you might opt for more bitter options like dandelion greens which also help to keep pitta (heat) under control.

Radishes – These are one of the perfect vegetables for kapha balancing owing to their hot, light and dry qualities. Roasting/grilling them kicks up the dryness over sauteeing.

Asparagus – The bitter and astringent qualities of asparagus make it a good veggie for balancing kapha.  It’s blood cleansing properties make it great for pitta as well so this dish would be perfect as a late spring dish!

Lentils – Lentils are drying and slightly warm, which is terrific for balancing kapha especially when combined with spices like chilli and garlic!

Eggs – While all meats are kapha aggravating to some degree, chicken eggs are slightly less so.



Chillies – Their hot, light and drying qualities make them the perfect spice for balancing spring Kapha.

Oil/Butter – Nearly all oils aggravate kapha, the only question is how much!  Ghee is the best option if it works in a dish (iffy for salads), other than that Canola oil would be the next lighter option, but it’s not a favorite for most people.

Salt – Salt can also be kapha aggravating, so you’ll just want to be mindful of the quantity.  Sea salt is warm and dry where pink salt is more cooling, so for this time of year you might lean towards the sea salt over the pink salt.

Vinegar – Vinegar is a gorgeous addition to this dish for flavor, but since it can be a little aggravating I would recommend using just a little.



  • In order to keep this recipe supportive of kapha balancing, I would suggest going as easy as possible on the oil or skipping it all together.  Use ghee for the radishes and asparagus.
  • Consider brushing the radishes and asparagus with ghee and grilling or roasting them rather than sauteé.
  • Reduce the amount of vinegar or use lemon juice instead!
  • Feel free to leave out the eggs if you feel they’re a little too heavy or if you’d prefer a vegan option.



images: The Year in Food


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