At the dawn of a new age

Teachers "at the dawn of a new age" experiment with new ways of defining and experiencing the teacher student relationship. Your classes may be anchored by a traditional framework that you experiment with expanding to acknowledge and support the diversity of student bodies and needs. Your students enjoy your more progressive approach to practice and your willingness to learn and apply new methods and language. Since creating an empowering space for students is important to you...


Your teaching could benefit from deepening your understanding and practice of...

  • Languaging skills for acknowledging and supporting individual exploration in class


  • Tools for facilitating interoception and somatic exploration


  • Understanding of the energetic impacts of environment, seasons, and times of day


  • Simple way to share philosophical concepts and lifestyle tools with students


  • An approach to practice and teaching that invites students to develop their capacity for discernment.


  • Effectively holding space for students on and off the mat.

The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.

— Jason Crandell

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Chara Cut Out

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