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One of the beautiful things about Ayureveda is that it invites you to look at your world a little differently; To explore the unseen dimensions of everything;   To consider that love is oily and fear is dry, that greed is heavy and cold and that satisfaction is dense and sweet.

All these emotions and experiences that we know in our bodies or our minds but never logically connect or try to examine.

Taking a good honest look at these connections is nothing short of powerful.

Because the point at which you start to connect the dots between what you feel, what you eat, and where (and who) you are…is the point when you realize that the world is yours.

It all begins with honesty in all it’s forms and manifestations. Stripping away the layers and coming back to simplest truth. Stopping before you speak or take that bite or that step, to check in with the heart.

For some of us it means unlearning a lifetime of coping skills, unloading an eternity of pain and promise and petty lies. But for every one of us it’s the freedom we’ve been looking for.

To me honesty is light, cool, clear and slightly astringent.

Honesty tastes like homegrown tomatoes with a little salt. And feels like a breezy walk on a long wide and open beach. Nowhere to hide, nothing to obscure the beauty of the obvious.

Every journey begins with this simple word and everything that it implies.

But forget about that and just BE honest.

  • Who are you?
  • What does honesty feel like in your body?
  • How does honesty show up in your thoughts and actions?

What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall of your brain right now… But since that’s not possible, share your thoughts in the comments below… And give us the opportunity to be inspired!


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