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“I believe people shouldn’t follow rules; rules should follow people.” – Eric Micha’el Leventhal

MM_Step outside the box

A little something different this week…


Breaking all the rules – Dana Faulds

There are moments when rules are meant to be broken;
when bursting out of context is the sole way to see with new eyes.
There are fences built only to be torn down.  The slats look solid,
but no one drove the nails in tight.
There are barricades around the heart asking to be breached.
Sooner or later we all run out of excuses for staying small and safe.

This totally spoke to me this week.  Who are we NOT to push outside our boundaries, question the “rules” we’ve created for ourselves, play a bigger game in the areas of life that matter most to us.

How willing would you be this week to…

Step outside the box.

So tell me… is there an area of your life where doing things the way they’ve always been done or thinking in ways that you’ve always thought is limiting your confidence, joy or peace?

Which of your own rules would you be willing to break this week?  I’d love to know, so please share in the comments below!

Sending you love and courage for a week of stepping out and stepping up!

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