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“Let yourself be seen.”


What a weekend !


What’d you get up to?


I gave and attended workshops this weekend and got the chance to connect deeply with some folks who were willing to do the same.


We were all strangers and we all shared a single desire…


The desire to be seen (for who we are).


I don’t know if we knew it going in (I’m sure some folks wouldn’t have come).


But all it took was an invitation to take off the armor, and let others truly see us.


Um yeah, it was scary but it’s one of those things that can’t grasp the impact of… until you’re doing it.


And it has the power to change everything.


So if you’ve gotten good at camouflaging or concealing who you are,  but deeply desire meaningful connection (the kind that can change everything), this week’s mantra is for you.


What are some of the ways that you hide?  And who are you hiding from? I’m guessing we have some things in common so leave your thoughts in the comments.


Sending you lots of love for a light and beautiful week!

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