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“I believe in love… always”


Is it Monday again?

I’m hoping this note finds you clear, happy and in some small or big way feeling the love.


The world feels like a big jumble at the moment.

There are thoughts and feelings flying in every direction… pulling us in every direction.

Daring us to find the strength we need to return to ourselves… to our senses… to love.


Can I ask you a question?

Can you remember a time when you felt truly loved and cared for, by yourself or another?

Where does that feeling live in your body?

And how does that love feed you in your times of struggle and confusion.

How can it be a foundation for the choices you have to make today?

This week’s mantra is a simple reminder to look past what might be challenging you and commit to honoring the essence of who you are by acting from the place within you that is nothing but goodness and light…

Come from love

How does this invitation sit with you ?  What does your love look like expressed?   And how could you be more available this week to both give and receive love?  You know I want to hear from you, leave your thoughts in the comments if you’ve got a minute and let me know!


Sending you love to get the ball rollin…

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