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Yoga + Healing…

Join me for a fabulous weekend of fun, introspection and healing at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane!

Embrace the Sisterhood of Yoga + Ayurveda… Feb 23 11am

We all come to our mats for different reasons and with different intentions, but Ayurveda suggests that there should only be one… balance. What are the qualities of a yoga practice that honors who YOU are in the moment? What are the questions that will empower you to create it?

This class reunites the sisters of yoga and ayurveda in an exploration that will expand your practice and deepen your understanding of who you can be on the mat… and off.

Discover Your Elemental Truth… Feb 25th 11am

Ayurveda holds that we are made of the same things as the stars and moons, the people we love, the food we eat and the environments we live in. The five great elements… space, air, fire, water, earth. Each informs and supports everything about our experience of living and our practice of yoga.

In this class we’ll explore the qualities of each of the five elements, within and without, honoring our connection to everything around us, on a journey that will ultimately bring us back to ourselves.

Kitchen Pharmacy – Healing herbs, Rejuvenative tonics and Health giving elixirs Feb 23 & 25th

Take a step into the ancient world of the ayurvedic apothecary to create simple, delicious, natural remedies from ingredients you’ll find in your very own kitchen! You’ll learn quick and easy recipes for getting better sleep, boosting immunity, banishing colds and flus… and living a longer, happier life!

Dates & Details:

Date: Feb 23 & 25, 2018

Bookings & Inquiries: https://www.mbsfestival.com.au/

Location: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center, Brisbane QLD

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