What if feeling good happened every day…?

It's time to discover your own unique formula for living....

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar...
  • Your life is pretty good. You don't have many complaints. But you can’t remember the last time you felt fully alive.

  • For some time now you've struggled to maintain the weight, moods and energy levels you need to feel good in your body and truly connected to yourself. 

  • You feel overwhelmed by the voices, needs and demands of family, work or friends and held hostage by your own expectations of yourself. 

  • You’re diet is all over the place, self care is an occasional luxury, and you don’t have the time or energy to figure out what healthy choices you need to make and no motivation to make them consistently

  • You’ve been here before… more times than you can remember...

If it does, then you already know how hard it is to get healthy and stay healthy.

This is what inspired me to create a soul nourishing community

I've heard stories from SO many women who are tired, overwhelmed, disconnected from themselves, and feel guilty about the lack of confidence and consistency in their diet and self care thanks to:

  • All the confusing, conflicting, and scaremongering advice out there about how you should eat, move, sleep, think, and manage your time and your life.

  • Workshops, retreats and short term wellness programs that promise transformation, urge you to set unrealistic and unsustainable goals, and then leave you to go it alone.

  •  Quick fix and one-size-fits-all "solutions" that pull us away from our own inner wisdom and into the depths of our social media feeds...

Where we end up drowning in a sea of comparison and feeling even worse about our bodies, our diets and our lives...

Thankfully all of that is behind you...


Live like you love yourself

Online seasonal living community

The place to be if you're ready to create a life on your terms that nourishes your mind, body and community!  

It’s a membership for living Ayurveda!

It’s seasonal support for, eating, moving, and feeling vibrant, confident and authentically you throughout the year, based on the holistic, nurturing and practical principles of ayurveda.  

Think of it as a subscription to authentic living!


This membership will help you to...


Build self care into your daily, monthly and seasonal living, 


Listen to your yourself and your body.

balance rocks

Thrive through the changes that interrupt your focus and flow.


Cultivate the clarity and courage to stay in action around your wellness goals.

shine in 2017

Boost your resilience and connection to your inner wisdom

Tofu bowl2

Eat, move, think & act... like you love yourself! 

Thrive in this season... and the next!

What makes THIS membership different...

community spirit

Tired of going it alone? Connection is the secret ingredient to feeling  inspired, motivated and valued! It'’s the glue that will keep you committed to your goals and yourself. 


Because every aspect of your life matters to your wellness. You’ll get advice and support around diet, exercise, relationships, careers, time management, organization, ageing, AND MORE! 

No overwhelm

No information overload or push to set unrealistic goals. It's created to support your life as it is, and paced so that you can experiment with healthy habits to find what truly works!

it changes with you

Most programs don't acknowledge or plan for the change that challenges our commitment to ourselves!  This one gets you ready for it AND encourages you to build a life that's in line with the natural cycles of transition and transformation in your mind, body and environment! 

its affordable

Stressing over the cost of taking care of yourself defeats the purpose.  Imagine if you could have the support, knowledge and inspiration you need to feel great year round, for less than the cost of your daily coffees or a weekly lunch out… Now you can!

its fun

Vibrant and enduring health MUST include a healthy dose of joy… every day! If it’s not enjoyable what’s the point?  We’ll learn how to bring the joy to every challenge and triumph. And if we can’t find it alone, we’ll be there to bring it to each other!

My mantra for living is… Know Yourself, Love Yourself. But...

I can easily remember a time when I didn’t feel like I had the energy or ability to… shine.  Then I found Ayurveda… and things changed…

So many women are confused and excited about what's possible in their lives...
We're all just looking for a way to live authentically, and feel great doing it...
If you're ready to know and love yourself in simple ways that make a difference and set you free...
I invite you to take a leap of love... and join us!
Where you're seen me...
How the membership works...

Many ways to learn and grow...

Simple tools for expanding your life!

Designed to help you escape the health and wellness rollercoaster ride that leads to a lack of consistency and results...

Your membership includes...

  • Dosha Balancing Seasonal Recipes

  • Weekly Wellness Practice

  • Monthly lessons on Ayurveda and holistic living

  • A daily self inquiry exercise

  • Seasonal Wellness & Self care guides

  • A community of like-minded women on a similar wellness journey


Weekly Wellness Practices

Incorporate the principles of Ayurveda into your mind, body and life little by little, week by week and discover what works for you!

spice mix
spice mix

Dosha balancing Recipes

A growing archive of delicious and easy to prepare seasonal recipes for every dosha. Ayurvedic eating just got easy!


Monthly Lessons

A video lesson each month to connect you to the principles of holistic living. We'll cover issues like menopause, weight management, healthy ageing, getting better sleep and more!


Daily Self Inquiry

Daily self inquiry prompts will keep you engaged in the process of discovering your blocks and embracing yourself yourself at the deepest levels. 


Season shifting & Cleansing support

You’ll learn to thrive from season to season and in between by embracing the process of seasonal transitioning and cleaning up your act!

Find your natural rhythm... and live it!

What people are saying...

"I have been to many retreats over the years but I have never felt the support and encouragement that you have given."

I wanted to personally thank you for what you have done for me. Right from your introduction video, your honesty, your story, the basic philosophy of Ayurveda, the 'lightbulb' started 'lighting up' for me... and it's just continued to shine brighter as you've shared more and more.  I have loved and embraced every part of it! I have been to many retreats over the years but I have never felt the support and encouragement that you have given, so generously, so authentically. What you do, comes from such a genuine place, it is felt by others. - Karen

"I released weight... and patterns that were no longer serving me."

Chara made the process simple so that we could focus on the changes going on in our body, mind, and soul. During the program, I not only released weight, but I also began to release some old habits and patterns that were no longer serving me.   I continue to use what I learned on a daily basis or whenever I feel I need to hit the restart button.   Chara is a graceful leader, motivator, and friend and I look forward to working with her again. - Melissa

This experience was the spring board... toward living wholeheartedly!

I was in a place where I felt heavy; Full emotionally, mentally and physically. This experience was the spring board of my ongoing practice to let go of many things that were (and do) clouding up my visions, my journey towards living wholeheartedly and finding the courageous person that is me. - Dawn-Marie

"Exactly what I needed at this point in my life!"

This has been a life-changing experience for me.  It is exactly what I needed at this point in my life!  Chara you are an amazing woman! I have so appreciated getting to know you and learn from you. - Meredith

"A wake-up call to take better care of my whole self."

“I was taken by surprise at just how much I learned about myself, my habits and my priorities. What I took with me was a more compassionate outlook on my body in form and function and a wake-up call to take better care of my whole self." - Pam

A Bold Balanced & Blissful life is just a click away...

If you're ready to discover the food, movement, self care and environments that feed you!  If you're ready to be supported in your efforts to feel truly alive again... join us at the SPECIAL FOUNDING MEMBER PRICE OF...

Pay Monthly

$14.99 Mo.

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Choosing yourself isn't always easy...
Have you avoided taking BOLD action to ELEVATE yourself and your wellness...?

You're not alone... we all do it

BUT if you've started to notice signs of imbalance showing up in your mind or body...

Things like...

  • Mood swings

  • Weight gain

  • Cravings

  • Low Libido

  • Anxiety

Remember, living with imbalance is only half living.


  • If you’ve HAD ENOUGH of “one-size-fits-all” diets, ignoring your body’s wisdom, and trying to keep your wellness on track with willpower and 30 day challenges…

  • If you KNOW you need support to make the right kind of change in your life...

  • If you’re CURIOUS about what living Ayurveda looks and feels like and what it could mean for you…

  • If you’re READY to create a powerful and authentic connection to yourself and your world...

This membership was designed for YOU.

All you need now is the courage to take the next step!

Now is the time to start living like you love yourself...

Pay Monthly

$14.99 Mo.

  • Founding Member Pricing Cancel at Any time!
All prices in US dollars