What is yoga about for you?

Yoga is so much more than exercise.  Most of us know that, but our options for exploring our yoga are pretty limited in a regular yoga class.

Designed to invite inquiry, experimentation, expression, feeling, relating and being, Living Yoga is a series of classes that acknowledge the gift that yoga can be to our bodies AND our way of living.

Living Yoga is an ongoing exploration of the holistic practice of yoga

An expression of the yoga I practice, teach and think about...

Living yoga is a weekly class exploring what it means to live yoga at every level of being. Each term I'll offer movement, breath and Yoga Nidra classes, and discussion circles. It’s an opportunity to explore and expand our practice of living, listening, learning and connecting together.

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Living Yoga

Anchored by key mind-body themes which flow through our physical, mental and emotional experience, each class will be an opportunity to see yourself, your yoga and your life through the lens of ancient wisdom.  Each class will take you a step deeper towards expanding how your yoga serves you.

Term 1 - August - September 2022

This term we'll explore foundations of the body, of living, of being and our elemental connections to ourselves, the earth, and each other. We'll be guided by the questions...

What is YOUR foundation for living and practice?  How can it be felt and expressed?

In our weekly classes we'll explore the following themes:

FOUNDATIONS 1 - BELOW (Earth, Water, Fire [integrating/digesting force])

  • Identity
  • Safety
  • Manifestation
  • Patience
  • Structure
  • Wellbeing
  • Abundance
  • Pleasure

Qualities:  Heavy, cold, wet, warm, soft

RESILIENCE - flexibility, adaptability [opening to the internal and external world, creating supportive boundaries]

RESONANCE - alignment, truth, acceptance [knowing and being yourself, recognizing what's right for you, feeling it]

RANGE - spectrum, fullness, scope [what are your limits of feeling, expression]

8 week term classes (all LIVE online) - 1 class per week

Wednesdays @ 7am AEST - August 3rd - September 21st, 2022

CLICK HERE to find the time where YOU are.

  • Week 1 - Movement & Breath - Foundations BELOW
  • Week 2 - Discussion Circle
  • Week 3 - Movement & Breath - RESILIENCE
  • Week 4 - Discussion Circle
  • Week 5 - Movement & Meditation - RESONANCE
  • Week 6 - Discussion Circle
  • Week 7 - Movement & Meditation - RANGE I
  • Week 8 - Discussion Circle
Your Investment:
$110USD for all 8 classes;
$18USD per class

Per class purchasing will be available once the term begins. Single payment term enrollment ends August 2nd.

Praise from past students...

"Chara is an amazing yoga teacher..."

Chara is an amazing and inspiring yoga teacher who has rekindled my passion for yoga. I look forward to Chara’s classes, her wisdom and warmth.. - Bhavni

"The hour classes have been perfect..."

Chara is an amazing teacher and her positivity is contagious! The hour classes have been perfect to put me in the right mind and body set for the rest of the day. - Marni

"Every class is different and connects me deeply to myself!"

II absolutely love doing yoga with Chara! Every class is different and connects me deeply to myself. She is an inspirational teacher that walks and talks her practice! I totally recommend it! - Linda

"Expert Knowledge and intuitive teaching style!"

Love love love Chara's positive attitude, expert knowledge and intuitive teaching style! - Jules

"Made early starts on dark cold mornings worthwhile."

“Chara's winter yoga course was fantastic and made early starts on dark cold mornings well worthwhile." - Mark

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Hi, I'm Chara...

and I can't wait to connect and explore yoga with you...

Chara Caruthers is a passionate and outspoken voice for the power of living your truth.  An international teacher, speaker, advocate and mentor for women’s wellness, she has inspired and motivated a global community of people of all ages to live juicier and more connected lives by embracing the principles of yoga and Ayurveda.  Her life’s motto is “Know yourself, Love Yourself.”

A long-time practitioner and student of yoga, Chara is a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), an Ayurvedic Practitioner (NAMA) and a senior yoga teacher (E-RYT500, YCEP) who has taught yoga around the globe for more than a decade.  She has studied and practiced Ayurveda in the United States, Australia and India and is a graduate of the American Institute of Vedic Studies (USA), the International Academy of Ayurveda (Pune, India), and Kerala Ayurveda Academy (Kerala, India).  Her work is focused on sharing these ancient principles in a modern context  empowering wellness seekers of all backgrounds and cultures to boldly embrace the responsibility we all have to know and love ourselves.    

Frequently Asked Questions

All classes will be LIVE sessions delivered via Zoom.

Every LIVE session will be recorded and made available offline for ALL participants.  If you can’t make the live sessions you’ll have access to viewing them later.

This course is for people who are interested in exploring all aspects of yoga. There will be movement, meditation, pranayama, Ayurveda and discussions, all designed to create a deep sense of self awareness and balance so you can take your yoga from the mat and into your life.

Chara is a teacher that encourages each student to explore the needs and sensations of their bodies.  The practice is slow to moderately paced in order to support all students at every level in an inquiry with themselves in order to discover THEIR yoga. Students will be supported in creating a practice that suits their needs.