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Saturday May 5th, 2018 2-4pm – Edge Fitness, Alstonville – 

Discover the 5000 year old health care of the future…

Ayurveda, “ The Science of Life”, is an ancient holistic system for living that’s as relevant and powerful today as it’s EVER been. It provides simple, practical tools for creating balance and self-healing that can be understood and practiced by anyone.

The “Sister Science” to yoga, Ayurveda believes good health results from creating harmony between our internal environment (mind, body, spirit) and the external world around us. When we’re able to find this balance, we create the foundation for preventing illness, and for living in the most authentic and healthy way possible.

Join us on a journey into the secrets of this ancient and empowering system of living.  You’ll discover:

  • What your medical checkup often misses that could be the key to what ails you.
  • Why you feel sluggish in the winter, anxious in the fall and aggravated in the summer.
  • The connections between your food and your emotions.

We’ll also explore how Ayurveda can help you…

  • Maintain a natural state of inner balance from season to season
  • Boost Immunity and improve your digestion and elimination.
  • Apply food (and everything else around you) as medicine

2hrs – $30

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