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How do you feel right now, in this moment?


What body sensations are you experiencing?
How calm, deep and clear is your breath?
What’s the state of your mind?


Have you ever noticed  that we’ve all got a “default” state of being?


Tired, overwhelmed, angry, and disinterested are all pretty common. 


What’s yours?


Our default state says a lot about how we see and experience the world… and ourselves.


I worked out recently that my default state is numb.  And there’s a power in knowing that.


Because more often than not, our default way of being keep us from clearly seeing and experiencing what’s possible.


It’s like a thin veil that blocks our access to an experience of joy, presence and wellbeing.


But what I’ve also discovered (thank goodness) is that it only takes a single thought or action to transform numbness into something that feels real, nourishing, and alive.


So if you happen to  find yourself drifting in a sea of overwhelm, anger, fatigue or even numbness, perhaps this post is a sign to interrupt the pattern that transforms your moment or even your day.  And it couldn’t be any simpler…


Shifting from default can be as simple as remembering what makes us feel alive. I’m pretty partial to cupcakes, long hugs and sunrises. So tell me,  what makes YOU smile? leave your thoughts in the comments (it might even make me smile too!)


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