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A couple of weeks back I asked the question… What’s your why? It’s a pretty simple question to ask, and one that can sometimes be difficult to answer. But it’s definitely worth taking the time to get to it because whether you know it or not, your why drives nearly everything you do.

Your “Why” is something you live to embrace.  It’s something you “wear” inside and out. Your understanding and connection to your why (or the lack of it) will show up in everything you do, in how you look and feel, in the choices you make and in the way that you interact with the people and environment around you.

Why knowing matters…

One the biggest reasons that our why can be difficult to nail down is that we often confuse our why with the why of the people around us, our parents, co-workers, partners, society.

But getting to know your why starts with getting to know you. It’s a beautiful process of unfolding yourself to have a closer look at what’s inside. It’s a challenging process of facing desires you might never have wanted to fully admit or embrace. It’s a liberating and ultimately empowering experience that clears the fog revealing the path ahead.

Knowing your why removes the uncertainty that takes away your power. It sharpens your focus, boosts your confidence and makes the path from where you are (in any situation) to where you want to be a whole lot clearer. How?

How knowing works…

I’ll be annoying and answer that with a question…or two…

1. Does the food you eat, work you do, environment you live in support who you’re committed to being in your life?

2. Do the people you spend time with, ways that you express yourself, choices that you make about everything from your car to your vacation to your wardrobe empower you to feel and be the happiest, healthiest most authentic expression of who you are?

Asking yourself these questions (every single day) is the key to putting your why at the center of your life. Knowing your why is the only thing that makes answering possible!

Soo…. does the way you live support YOUR why?  If so, Tell me… How do you do it?  If not,  Where do you struggle?  Share in the comments!  And THANKS for reading!

Oh, and if you liked this article please share it!  And stay tuned for more juicy info about how you can bring your life and your why into better alignment!

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