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Turns out slow digestion is pretty common these days!

Or at least that was the result of the poll I conducted recently in the Ayurveda + YOU Facebook group.  The single most popular answer to the question “What’s your current digestion like?” was “Manda” or slow “agni” (digestive fire).

Manda agni is characterized by…

  • Heaviness after meals,
  • Feel as though you can easily skip meals,
  • weight gain,
  • lethargy,
  • low energy

So in this week’s video I’ll give you a few of my favorite ways to boost your digestive fire, so that you can return your digestion to a state of Sama agni!

How do you feel like you’re digesting life?  Are there any particular signs that give you clues about how well your mind and body are being nourished by the life you’re choosing?  Share in the comments!  And stay tuned for the next episode on healthy digestion!


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