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Digestion is something you shouldn’t actually have to think about…

But not many folks these days have that luxury.   Surveys and studies that have been conducted around the world tell a pretty unfortunate story of digestive disease or discomfort that affects anywhere from 25% to 50% percent of the population in one form or another.

And since Ayurveda says that healthy digestion is the cornerstone of wellness, I decided to ask the Ayurveda + YOU community about their digestive situation…

The results confirmed that healthy digestion is definitely a challenge, so I thought I’d create a video series to talk about digestion, and a few simple things YOU can do, to keep yours happy and healthy!

So check out the video below for our first dive into the world of healthy digestion…

Got questions about digestion?  Wondering if there are any other simple things you can do to increase your efficiency at digesting life?  Let me know in the comments!!

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