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The Ultimate Ayurvedic Guide to Spring!

There are few seasons more anticipated than spring, am I right?  If you’re a fan of the warmer months (and even if you’re not), you’ll be quite familiar with the feeling of waiting, and waiting, at the end of a…


The Ultimate Ayurvedic Guide to Autumn season

No matter what’s going on where you are, there’s no denying we’re in transition.  Soon the air will be cooler and a little more crisp, the days will be getting increasingly shorter, and pumpkin spiced everything will be…everywhere! Yep, autumn…


Create Balance Now! – Quick Reference

Harmony is health Yeah, sounds like a fairy tale…it isn’t. It’s true. By harmony I mean, YOU and your environment (home, work, family, friends, weather, food, basically everything around you) working in sync. Put it this way…the opposite of harmony…


Pitta Yoga Sequence Download

What is Pitta Yoga…? Pitta yoga includes yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises that are focus on calming the intensity and heat of pitta in the body and mind. Reducing pitta is all about cooling, calming and releasing strain or…


Food & The Mind – Sattvic Eating Cheat Sheet

What you eat as as much of an impact on your mind as on your body…. So enjoying foods that are fresh, clear, light and pure can leave you feeling very much the same. According to Ayurveda all disease begins…


Thank you for bringing this opportunity into my life so that I could choose myself. I am forever grateful for your energy and love!


I'll be forever grateful to Chara for her role introducing Ayurveda into my life and my Yoga practice. The clouds of fatigue and indecisiveness lifted and I felt renewed clarity and energy immediately - and I've used this wisdom daily ever since to guide my awareness and my choices.


Cleansing will educate and empower you. Chara's cleanse is the perfect first step.


I truly believe the cleanse has helped to wash away some of the things that keep me from seeing the true me. I have been making choices that I probably wouldn't have made before doing the cleanse. This feels great. It's time for me to live my life, no regrets.


Thank you Chara! You've helped me find some balance in my life and helped me see that healthy changes are possible.


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