Finding your authentic expression...

Who you are in any given moment is an expression of your inherent energies (the doshas).  Which characteristics are inherent to your true nature?  Which characteristics speak loudest and most often in your mind, body and life?

We sometimes hide our true feelings and priorities for fear of being judged.  Knowing who we truly are... and having the courage to express ourselves authentically, is the foundation for enduring wellbeing!

What does your true nature tell you about who you can be and what matters most to you?

Authentic expressions of the doshas


Creative, lively, sensitive, Imaginative, fun, spontaneous, mentally quick, disorganized, forgetful, anxious, fearful, prone to addictions.

What matters to you:  

Stimulation, freedom to move and think, change, variety, novelty


Organized, highly motivated, expansive, driven, charismatic, passionate, critical, condescending, short- tempered, controlling.

What matters to you:  

Goals, challenges, structure, focus, intensity, rewards


Loving, nurturing, stable, patient, serene, compassionate, loyal, stubborn, needy, slow, stuck, envious, possessive, withdrawn

What matters to you:  

Stability, comfort, security, low-stress, routine, cohesion, building wealth