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Why getting and staying healthy sometimes feels impossible… part 2

There’s something deliciously good about being inspired…

It’s like a drug.  A feeling that seeps into every part of your being and fills you up with… light!

Everything seems easier when you’re inspired.  But inspiration can be difficult to come by.  And so we wait…

And when it doesn’t arrive, we struggle and lose energy and forget about the power of inspiration, and how it brings us back to ourselves and gives us a glimpse of what it truly feels like to be capable of… anything!

Some say inspiration can’t be created.  I don’t buy it!

I think living a bold, authentic and happy life requires a sufficient amount of inspiration.  The key, like anything, is to figure out where and how you can get it.  To do that you’ll need to keep your eyes, ears and intuition open and start paddling when you feel inspiration heading your way like a wave of possibility…

More of my thoughts and tips on how to find inspiration in this little video!

I’m convinced that one of the key things missing in our pursuit of lasting health and wellness is a little daily inspiration. Something to remind of us who we are and what we’re capable of.  Something to show us that there’s more than one way to do anything and that getting over hurdles (no matter how high they might be) is easily possible with a slight change of perspective and approach.

How do you find inspiration on a regular basis… or do you?   And if not, what impact do you think it has on your wellbeing?

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