Ayurveda course
Redefine your relationship with food

It’s often a therapist, an entertainer, and a good friend. And in a world of unlimited choices and contradictory messages about what we eat (High fat? High protein? Vegetarian? Gluten free? Organic?, etc. ), our relationship with food has left us feeling powerless and confused.

This course will give you a different look at how we feed ourselves...

We'll explore the art of Food as medicine according to the ancient living science of Ayurveda

Each LIVE online module is your chance to explore the secrets of cooking for balance and reveal the power of eating to feed the mind, body and spirit.

We’ll look deeper at your cravings to understand what they’re telling you, and provide keys to transforming the way you think about and choose what to eat in order to bring healing, well-being and happiness to your life.

LIVE online, from my kitchen to yours, you’ll have the chance to bring the experience of Ayurvedic cooking home!

A truly holistic experience for the senses

This course is an opportunity to cook, eat, taste and heal!

Courses Include...

The Fundamentals

Making Sense of Ayurvedic Eating + Ayurvedic Cooking at home

This course will lay the foundation for approaching your food and even your kitchen as tools for creating the balance that brings health and happiness.  It’s an introduction to the Ayurvedic way of looking at one of our most useful tools for creating who we are… food!  You'll learn...

  • The ancient approach to using food to heal
  • What the energy of food means, and why it matters
  • The rules of eating like you love yourself
  • How to cook and eat for happy, healthy digestion
  • Ayurvedic foods for building immunity & vitality
  • How to cook to create a calm clear and focused mind
  • How to stock your Ayurvedic kitchen pantry
  • The BEST Ayurvedic cookbooks and resources
  • And SO much more...

You'll receive a set of simple tri-doshic recipes and complete the course with an understanding of how to plan, shop and cook blissfully balancing Ayurvedic meals for all eaters.

Includes online lessons + 3 LIVE Kitchen classes/Q&A sessions 
Cost: $85USD
Course opens March 30th, 2020 (live orientation)
LIVE Classes Dates/TimesApril 6th, 12th, 19th 10am(AEST - Sydney)

CLICK HERE to find the time where YOU are.

All LIVE Sessions will be recorded and replay made available for students.

Dive into the world of food as medicine...

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Your host on this adventure...

Chara Caruthers is an outspoken voice for the power of living your truth.  An international teacher, author, advocate and mentor for women’s wellness, she has inspired and motivated women of all ages to live juicier, more connected lives by embracing the principles of yoga and Ayurveda. As a writer (Huffington Post, DoYouYoga.com, Elephant Journal), presenter (Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, FoodMatters TV), and creator of outreach and educational programs aimed at “getting real” about what’s keeping us stuck, her unique voice and soulful approach have been celebrated as a galvanizing force for the future of authentic wellness.  Chara is an internationally recognized senior yoga teacher and educator (E-RYT 500, YACEP) a certified Ayurvedic practitioner (NAMA) and a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT).

Chara’s lifelong love of food and fascination with applying it as medicine was the catalyst for her attraction to Ayurvedic cooking.  I was also the beginning of an ongoing love affair with the idea eating like you love yourself.

I look forward to cooking with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

This course will be delivered from within our AYURVEDA + YOU community platform.  Course modules will be available there as well as links to the LIVE sessions which means you can attend from anywhere in the world.

Yes. Each LIVE session will be a combination of information and practice. All courses will include a cooking component as well as components dedicated to discussing ingredients and their healing qualities and tips on how to buy, store and prepare ingredients.

Every LIVE session will be recorded and made available offline for ALL participants.  If you can’t make the live sessions you’ll have access to viewing them later, and sending through any questions for subsequent sessions.

This course is for people (primarily home cooks) who are interested in learning more about the Ayurvedic approach to food and cooking.  It is designed for beginners and busy people who enjoy healthy eating but may not have the time to spend hours shopping or in the kitchen. 

Yes.  The Fundamentals course includes an overview of Ayurveda to give you a context for everything that you’ll learn and experience.  You’ll also have the chance to ask questions LIVE, so it’s truly perfect for beginners. 

It's time to start

Cooking like you love yourself.