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“If it doesn’t make the world better, don’t do it! – Kid President”

Who’s the person you struggle with most?

The one that pushes your buttons…

The one that can tie you up in knots, leave you scratching your head, or worse…

Push you to your edge.

Is it someone you love, or have loved?

Someone you’ve met… or haven’t met?

I’m guessing some days it might even yourself.

Whoever it happens to be this week, chances are good that the struggle you feel  lives somewhere in that gap between your expectations and reality…


I feel you.

And in the midst of that struggle this week I kept coming back to this little gem…

Expectations and judgement rob us of connection and joy.


Our deep desire to change the people around us (including ourselves), often confines us to a limited world view… and limited set of possibilities for living! 

But who could we be if we could find the grace to allow others to be who they are, and give up our need or desire to change them. 

What would be possible for us if we could trust the journey of others as powerfully as we embrace our own. 

It’s the hardest thing to do when our kids (and partners) aren’t listening, our colleagues don’t follow through and the cashier has a pissy attitude.  But it’s the one thing that can set us free!

Is there someone out there that you struggle with ?

How willing are you to free yourself from the struggle through the practice of compassion?
As always I’m holding space for you and would love to hear about your plans for the week, so leave your thoughts in the comments.


Sending you the compassion that we all deserve, along with good vibes for a great week!


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