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Blueprint for a Whole and healthy winter season!

Ever wished winter would just go away?

…you’re not alone!  For many it’s one of the most challenging seasons of the year.  dropping temperatures, shorter days and unpredictable weather along with slower energy that seems to pervade this time of year means you’re more likely to experience..

  • Mood swings, brain fog, and depression
  • A drop off in motivation and enthusiasm
  • More emotional eating, weight gain and digestive issues.

But just a few small changes to the way you eat, move, and think this time of year, can make the winter blues a thing of the past”

This workshop is a natural prescription for an inspired season and a powerful year!

This masterclass is one of a series of seasonally focused classes designed to make you aware of how the seasons impact our bodies, our thinking, and our willingness to make healthy choices.  

You’ll learn why certain seasons challenge you and what you can do to restore your energy, confidence and motivation when you need it most.

In this masterclass you’ll discover:.

  • The seasonal pitfalls that can take a toll on your immunity, motivation and confidence.  
  • How to eat and exercise through the winter season for energy and focus.
  • What you can do to avoid common seasonal issues like depression and weight gain.
  • How to keep your hair and skin smooth, healthy and glowing throughout the season.
  • Simple ways to stay in sync with your environment and keep your immune system strong and supportive.

You’ll also:

  • Learn fundamental principles of Ayurveda and how you can apply them in your life to look and feel vibrant, make powerful choices and express yourself with confidence and authenticity.
  • Receive guidance and insights on how to live in alignment with your true nature, your environment and the seasons where you live.

This is for you if you:

  • Often struggle to maintain your energy, focus, and spark during the winter season
  • Typically succumb to winter illnesses that leave you feeling unproductive and empty.
  • Are looking for an authentically holistic approach to healthy living (diet, exercise, self-care) that feels more like you, and actually fits into your life!
  • Need clarity and inspiration to avoid the inevitable seasonal slump…
  • Are ready to start following your intuition about what’s healthy for you and want to learn how to listen to your body too!

This Workshop includes:

  • LIVE  two hour online session including Q&A
  • Relevant handouts, resource lists and cheat sheets
  • LIfetime access to session recording

 Course Dates:

  • Coming in 2018

Cost:  $37

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