Discover your unique formula for a fabulous mind, body and life!


Vibrant, Centered, and Healthy
is your natural state.


So why don't you feel that way...?


Hi, I'm Chara...

And I’ve helped hundreds of tired, busy yogis reclaim their wholeness and feel alive again by ditching “one-size-fits-all”, confusing diet and lifestyle habits, to find their unique formula for a mind, body and life that feels juicy...

And if you're wondering what I mean by juicy...

Why juicy living just makes sense...


I've always wondered...

Why does being healthy have to be so hard?

These days everyone wants to tell us how to thrive... their way!

Nearly every day we face a virtual fire-hose of information and advice on special foods and diets, new and more effective ways to be better and have more, move, meditate and manage our busy lives.

And yet most of us still struggle to feel confident, energized and motivated… on a regular basis.

Because here's the thing...

More often then not, all the “quick fix” solutions and well meaning advice only push us further away from our own inner wisdom and into the depths of our social media feeds...

Where we end up drowning in comparison and feeling even worse about our bodies, our diets and our lives...

I took the long road to figuring out what works...

But you don't have to!

When I discovered Ayurveda nearly a decade ago, I was at the end of my rope… but I didn’t know it.

Overwhelmed, stressed out, overweight, I wanted to feel good about my life choices, my diet and my (nearly) 40 year old body (that had recently given birth to twins).

I wanted my energy back and to stop feeling guilty about what I was and wasn’t doing…

I wanted to feel more like myself… but healthier.

Ayurveda came along at the perfect time for me, and it totally changed the way I do wellness...

And THAT'S why I want to share it with YOU!


Ayurveda turns on the light of your inner awareness...

Wellness begins where comparison ends…

Since discovering Ayurveda I’ve had dozens of “light bulb” moments

(and so have nearly all of my students and clients)

But two of the most valuable lessons I learned from Ayurveda are…

LESSON ONE:  We are each totally different and unique and our approach to looking and feeling good isn’t going to work unless it’s as unique as we are.


Everything I’d been doing wasn’t wrong, a lot of it was just wrong for ME. When I figured out for example that my diet needed to support my true nature (constitution) and balance my current state of mind AND body, everything changed… and so did I!

LESSON TWO: There’s WAY more to wellness than diet and exercise. And everything is connected.


I realized there’s a connection between my skin issues and my thoughts; And between things like what I eat and my anxiety, my digestion challenges and the time of year and so on... When this light turned on, I started making more sense to me! And I felt WAY more confident about making healthy choices.

And best of all I realized that balance looks different for everyone....

What worked for someone else, wasn’t working for me, because it wasn’t supposed to! I needed to find my own formula for the wellness I wanted in my life.

And NOW It’s time to discover what balance looks like for you!

What IS Balance anyway…?

Is it even possible to BE balanced?

Balance is just a simple, single-word way of saying that you feel:

  • Inspired and motivated to get out of bed everyday
  • Empowered and vital
  • Passionately connected to the world around you
  • Purposeful
  • Unstuck and fully self-expressed
  • Physically radiant and attractive
  • Free to know yourself and to be your authentic self
  • Confident that you’ve found a sustainable, authentic way to get there

Ayurveda was created to get you there....

Balance is just a simple, single-word way of saying that you feel:


Why you probably need this right now...


How Ayurveda has transformed MY life…


I feel more intimately connected to my body and the way it changes throughout the day, month and year.


I know what kinds of foods are best to keep me feeling light, strong and energized and how that changes from season to season (and even from day to day)


I’ve gotten my anxiety under control because I was able to figure out where it was coming from (someplace I NEVER would have guessed).


My skin is clear, healthy and supple.


I know myself better, and am able to be proactive about my wellness so that I don’t experience as many highs and lows during the year that I used to.

I look and feel better at forty seven than I did at twenty seven!

What my clients and students tell me about their experience with Ayurveda…


" I'm finally confident that my diet, exercise and the things I do everyday are supporting my wellness instead of wearing me out!"


"My digestion is better than it has been for years. I’m sleeping AND eating better too!"


"I feel an incredible clarity about what’s most important to me, and how that effects my choices."


"I've never seen myself in the way that I see myself now.  I can truly say that I love myself, and for me... that's HUGE!"


"I NOW know  what holds me back and what keeps me happy, healthy and sane!"


"I thought yoga was amazing (it changed my life)!! Ayurveda has given me practical ways of expanding the benefits of yoga to all areas of my life!"



If you’re looking for an approach to wellness that makes sense...

you’ve found it.

You’ve heard about Ayurveda... why not experience it!

Here’s how the program works…

You’ll receive one lesson a week for 10 weeks, along with a weekly challenge to put your awareness into action!

My approach to Ayurveda is practical, relatable and empowering. It’s all about giving you to the tools you need to make wellness simple and real!

Each week we’ll cover a different aspect of YOUR LIFE and how Ayurveda can support you in it.

Week 1 - Ayurveda in a nutshell - What you REALLY need to know! 

We’ll kick off with a simple introduction to the key principles that you’ll need to know to gain the most benefits from Ayurveda. 


Week 2 - A look at YOU - Doshas, imbalance and beyond...

We’ll discover YOUR mind body constitution, and everything it can tell you about what’s healthy for you… and what’s not!


Week 3 - Eating for balance - How to use food as medicine

What’s the BEST way for YOU to eat in order to create and feel balance. You’ll also discover how to eat to support YOUR unique mind, body and life.  


Week 4 - Season Shifting - Changing seasons with ease and grace

Do seasonal changes throw you off balance? You’ll learn what to do to minimize the impacts of seasonal shifts to stay healthy, happy and sane.


Week 5 - Mastering your day

Discoverwhat challenges you MOST about managing your time and your life. And what are the key actions you can take to keep you on track and centered. 

Week 6 - Bye Bye Stress - Ayurvedic practices for stress relief

A host of tactics for beating stress before it sets in, and a few tips for how to deal with it when it shows up unexpectedly! This will be GOLD if you’re travelling, hosting or overwhelmed around this time of year.


Week 7 - Yoga + Ayurveda

Discover how these two sister sciences can work together to impact your practice of both, You'll learn how to transform your practice of yoga to serve your unique needs and goals. 


Week 8 - Lighten Up - New Year mini detox

Reclaim your clarity and restore your energy with an Ayurvedic detox intensive!


Week 9 - The skin you’re in - Ayurvedic skin and body care

Discover the best way to care for YOUR unique skin type throughout the year and your life!  


Week 10 - Group Choice

This week is ALL yours! I’ll create a special lesson cover a new topic or dive a little deeper on one that we’ve already covered, so that you finish feel satisfied, empowered and ready for the most fabulous year of your life!

Plus a Special Bonus...

I’ll announce a surprise BONUS around week four!


  • One short weekly video created fresh each week to answer your questions and expand on topics that YOU want to hear about.
  • Support and guidance for seasonal shifting
  • Group Interaction and support via Facebook group and email.
  • Access to me as a resource for helping you to discover the lifestyle that suits YOU best!

Can you imagine a life where...

You scroll through a gazillion recipes and bits of healthy wisdom in your social media feed knowing exactly what's right for YOU and what's not (and how that changes through the year).

You wake up every morning with clarity about the day ahead and what you need to do to feel good and energized by the end of the day.


You feel and allow your body to find it’s natural rhythm, shape and size without judgement or criticism... just joy and acceptance. 

You adjust and power up your yoga practice to bring you a sense of balance and give you what you need every. single. time.


You feel ZERO guilt about eating whatever you (and your mind and body) want.

You actually want the food and activities that feed your soul more often than not.

You feel a deep connection to your own intuition and inner wisdom… and you actually trust yourself!

You stop stressing about living up to someone else’s definition of what it means to be healthy, because you're so deeply aligned with your own definition.

You ditch the overwhelm, confusion and fatigue.

You LIVE your own unique formula for looking and feeling radiant, making powerful choices, being authentically YOU and connecting passionately with the world around you…

This is how it feels to live Ayurveda...

It's simple, practical and empowering!

In Ayurveda we start with a solid foundation... and make small, powerful changes that last!

Join me for a 10 week adventure...

You'll Learn:

Everything you need to know, to put Ayurveda powerfully into practice in your day to day life.

What imbalance looks like for you RIGHT NOW and most often.

How to eat, move, breathe, think and organize your day to reclaim your natural balance.

How to thrive through the changes that usually take you off your course.

How to unlock your creative expression and deepen your sense of purpose.

How to avoid imbalance and renew your spark and energy for life.

HOW to listen to your yourself and your body.

You'll Experience:



Improved digestion

Better relationships with yourself and your world

Support for living in a way that is uniquely you

Inner radiance, outer peace

Inner peace, outer radiance!


You'll BE...

Happier, Lighter, Stronger, Smarter

More Open, More authentic, More ALIVE

Oh, and an expert in what it takes to make yourself happy and healthy all year round!

Enrollments for this debut run will be limited AND It's being offered at an exceptionally low price (that will never be offered again).

If you've EVER been interested in learning EXACTLY how to implement Ayurveda in your life, and get closer to your natural balance, now is a terrific opportunity to live, learn and have your life transformed for little more than the cost of a single consultation.

And it's all yours for just...


Course Opens November 14, 2015

Enrollment closes November 19th


Thank you for bringing this opportunity into my life so that I could choose myself. I am forever grateful for your energy and love!


I'll be forever grateful to Chara for her role introducing Ayurveda into my life and my Yoga practice. The clouds of fatigue and indecisiveness lifted and I felt renewed clarity and energy immediately - and I've used this wisdom daily ever since to guide my awareness and my choices.


Cleansing will educate and empower you. Chara's cleanse is the perfect first step.


I truly believe the cleanse has helped to wash away some of the things that keep me from seeing the true me. I have been making choices that I probably wouldn't have made before doing the cleanse. This feels great. It's time for me to live my life, no regrets.


Thank you Chara! You've helped me find some balance in my life and helped me see that healthy changes are possible.