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Okay, so I have to admit that winter is one of my least favorite seasons.   I used to really suffer through it, but these days I understand that it’s just my vata energy being thrown out of whack by the increased (and intense) qualities of winter, and, even better, I know what to do to address it!

Here’s an article I wrote for DoYouYoga.com with some of my favorite tips for winning at the oh-so-challenging game of thriving (and surviving) winter!

No matter where you live, no matter how many winters you’ve braved, snow, rain or hail storms you’ve lived through or icy roads you’ve survived…somehow no one’s ever REALLY prepared for what winter is going to bring to their doorstep. And no matter how much you think you love the cold and frost, evenings by the fire and sweater weather, there comes a time when you’re gonna need to dig deep for a little internal sunshine just to keep your sanity….am I right?

And if now is that time, I’ve got some suggestions for you from the ancient living science of Ayurveda.

How Ayurveda Can Help…

Wanna know more? Click here for the rest of the article

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