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A Modern Ayurvedic Routine

My Daily Routine "Rockstars"...

Before learning about and living Ayurveda I never gave much thought to how my routines (or lack there of), supported my purpose in life.  And when I think about it now it’s hard to imagine why I’d want to be doing anything that didn’t support who I am and what I’m committed to.

How well do YOUR routines support you in achieving what you're committed to in life?

Ayurvedic dinacharya is kinda extensive for modern busy people.  Although each aspect of it has a purpose and focus for creating a more powerful and balanced you, including it all can be more than most people can handle.  And when that happens the excuses come out and the whole thing can go off the rails.

So outside of your normal stuff (like brushing your teeth and showering), here are a few of my personal faves from the dinocharya “playlist” that’ve made a powerful impact in my life!

  • Meditate - Clears the mind, opens the channels for the good stuff to flow in.
  • Warm Water with lemon (and sometimes fresh ginger) - Starts the digestive engines, wakes up the bowels.
  • Scrape your tongue - Gets rid of the goo.  Instant toxicity gauge (lots of thick white stuff means something’s up)

  • Biggest meal at lunch - Best thing ever… when I can manage it.  Lighter dinner and brekky means a lighter, brighter me!
  • Try not to snack - See above.  Snacking means not hungry at lunch.  Key is to get the right amount of brekky and lunch!

  • Wind it on down - Create space at the end of the day for stress free family, connection, brain and body rest.
  • Get to bed early - It’s all about getting enough sleep!  To make it happen it’s important to time it right (in bed by 10:30).
What would a Modern Ayurvedic Morning Routine look like?
  • Get up early (between 5am - 6am)
  • 10-15 minutes of meditation
  • Have a cup of warm water with lemon to kick start your digestion while you make some notes, do some journalling or make a list of ideas or things to do in the day.
  • Do 10-15 minutes of yoga or some stretching or exercise.
  • Take a shower and keep some oil in the shower to do a self massage before getting out.
  • Light breakfast (enough to satisfy you till lunch time)
  • Start your work day with some routine/administrative type tasks (filing, paying bills, emails)
  • Try not to schedule any meetings until Pitta time (that’s after 10am)

How to transform your morning...

Wake up tired and groggy Wake up before sunrise (be sure to get to bed early enough so that you get sufficient sleep) - Take advantage of the morning energy
Morning exercise… are you kidding? No way Try 5 mins of breathing exercises, 10-15 mins of yoga or stretching.
Move around the house like a zombie trying to wake up and remember what you’re supposed to do today. Sip a cup of warm water with lemon (and little ginger). Make your to do list then take some time to move your bowels.
Quick shower and get dressed Keep a bottle of oil in the shower and just before you finish the shower massage your body with warm oil. Wash some of the oil off but leave a light coating of oil on the body.
Coffee in lieu of breakfast Enjoy a light, energizing breakfast, just enough food to satisfy you until lunch time.
Early morning meeting or strategy session Focus on administrative and mundane tasks until mid-morning giving your body - mind sufficient time to warm up and get the juices flowing. Schedule strategy and important meetings/interactions for after 10am if possible.