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Do you struggle in winter?

Winter can be a challenging time of year for the mind and body. The quiet, heavy energy of the season can leave us feeling isolated, sluggish and fatigued.

Ayurveda, the ancient Science of living, is here to help you boost your immunity, beat the winter blues and reclaim your energy and joy!

Join me for this fun and informative look at how to have your BEST WINTER EVER!

In this workshop you’ll discover:

  • How to recognize winter imbalances in yourself and those you love
  • Winter self care practices to make you feel healthy, happy and alive
  • A simple nourishing daily diet and exercise routine for winter.
  • How to customize your yoga for winter thriving
  • The best foods for feeding your mind, body and soul through the winter season
  • And more!

Dates & Details:

Date:  July 15th – 2 – 4pm

Bookings & Inquiries: http://www.thefloatinglotus.com.au

Location:  The Floating Lotus Yoga Studio


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