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I've created a special ebook to share Ayurvedic living wisdom with you including...

A selection of Ancient Wisdom, Seasonal living Guidance and delicious simple recipes.

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Inside You'll Find...

  • Recipes for healthy go-to meals that create mind body balance throughout the year and your life!
  • Tips for seasonal living and guidelines  for incorporating self care and healthy eating into your day.
  • Ayurvedic insights into some of your favorite ingredients and recipes for healing common issues with food.
  • Guidance for setting up your own Ayurvedic pantry and what to restock it with from season to season.
  • Quizzes and questionnaires to help you discover your true nature and current states of mind- body balance.

About the author...

Why I created this...

Because wellness isn’t easy!  And our relationship with the food we eat is a mirror of our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.  This is one of Ayurveda’s most powerful messages and embracing it is the foundation for creating a mind, body and life that you truly love!  

Ayurveda has been a game changer for me in every aspect of my life and I’ve had the privilege of seeing so many others transformed by it’s simple, practical and enduring truths.

I wrote this book to give anyone who’s ever struggled with finding a way to nourish themselves through any season or stage of life, the tools and permission to step off the rollercoaster of “one-size-fits-all” diets, and embrace a way of living and eating that is powerfully driven from within.  

I want people to understand that there’s another way to do this food thing... One that feels good, but that no one's really talking about.
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