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Growing up in California has it’s advantages…  Earthquakes notwithstanding, I was lucky to have grown up within a stones throw of a huge variety of fresh local fruits, vegetables, nuts and my personal favorite…. Mexican food!      And one of the most luscious companions to all of the spicy, summery Mexican goodness would have to be the agua frescas!  A simple, and refreshing way to enjoy fruit, agua frescas are just the thing to beat the summer heat of pitta!

So in the spirit of summer (even though it’s the dead of winter where I am), I give you a few of my favorite recipes for agua frescas!  Enjoy!!

coconut.guava_.agua_.fresca.2 1


Coconut Guava Agua Fresca

Coconut -Is sweet and cooling, and it also relieves thirst and is easy to digest. The oil is full of healthy fats and fatty acids and is particularly good for cooling heat in the skin (sunburn, psoriasis, eczema).

Guava  – Is dry and cooling and a gorgeous tasting fruit that you don’t see many places (I’m a fan of guava juice actually).  Known as the queen of fruit, guavas are vitamin rich (lots of vita C and A) and contain a host of other healthy nutrients (beta carotene, lycopene) to keep you glowing this summer!  It’s also a terrific addition if you’re looking for a truly tropical taste!

Substitutions: To make this recipe a little more pitta pleasing, you can use maple syrup or coconut sugar in place of white sugar.

Find the recipe for this one HERE

Honeydew Raspberry Agua Fresca Recipe 9

Honeydew and Raspberry Agua Fresca

Honeydew melon – Are sweet and cooling.  They are a perfect summer fruit as they relieve thirst and cool just about everything they come into contact with!  Ayurveda recommends that they be eaten alone (not combined with any other foods – this recipe is fine though).
Limes – Are sour and cooling.  They are a little better than lemons at reducing the effects of pitta and great for summer drinks and as a lemon substitute in fruit salads and salad dressings.
Raspberries – Are sweet and sour in taste with cooling energy.  They are a terrific summer fruit as they help to relieve thirst

Substitutions: I’d substitute a more natural sugar for the “superfine” sugar in the recipe.  Try coconut sugar or succanat

You can find this recipe HERE

Blueberry Mint Agua Fresca Marla Meridith IMG_7903

Blueberry Mint Aqua Fresca

Blueberries – Are sweet and slightl sour in taste with cooling energy.  They are great for pitta time (and seasonal in the summer!).  They are full of antioxidants and are considered a SUPER FOOD!
Mint Leaves – Is both pungent and cooling.  It’s terrific for adding to summer salads and fruit and is also great for keeping the head and sinuses clear!
Lemon – Is sour and bitter in taste with a cooling energy.  It’s okay for pitta time in moderation and is balanced out nicely in this recipe by all the other cooling ingredients!

You can find the recipe for this one HERE!

A note about ice…

Ayurveda generally recommends that drinks be taken without ice (it cools the digestive fire!!).  I would recommend you take these drinks cool but not freezing cold.  They are so lovely that you won’t even need the ice!!

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