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10 Factors of a healthy diet:

So you think your diet is healthy..?

When it comes down to what we eat, we often think in black and white terms... something's either healthy (salad, fresh juice, smoothies) or unhealthy (dessert, fats, processed foods). And while there definitely are some foods that are healthier than others across the board, Ayurveda seeks to have us understand and embrace that there are 10 factors that determine if a food is healthy for us...

  1. The nature and qualities of the food item/ingredients
  2. The way the food has been processed/prepared
  3. The way the food has been cooked
  4. How/which ingredients are combined
  5. The quantity of food you consume
  6. The climate or habitat that you're consuming it in
  7. The season or time of day that you consume it
  8. Your dosha/mind body constitution
  9. Your state of mind
  10. How you eat the food